Tong Midi EasyFill Box Filler


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‘Easy- Fill’ twin box fillers have made Tong the number one in box handling machinery. Our unique Doorstop belt offers the gentlest handling of crop, with rubber fingers that gently hold crop without the need for conventional curtain hoods. One reversible crop conveyor with lowering ends makes box filling ‘easy’, fast and gentle, with minimum drop. All Tong box fillers are now manufactured with linear actuators controlling lowerators to reduce maintenance & improve efficiency, as well as new easy-to-use pictorial controls.
EasyFill box fillers are available in a range of models including Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mega based on the size of boxes and tonnage required. Fully automatic operation via a micro processor and crop sensors, the EasyFill evenly fills the boxes by traversing the conveyor over the box.

Tong’s best-selling EasyFill, the Midi is best suited to filling standard 1 ton potato/vegetable bins and features one single reversible crop conveyor with lowering end sections, each at 1580mm long, and a 1800mm long centre section. The Midi EasyFill is suitable for filling bins up to 1200mm high and between 1500mm and 1800mm long.