Onion Toppers


For most growers storing and drying too much top means underutilised storage space and the potential for increased fungal and parasitic infection. Nicholson Toppers help overcome these problems by accurately topping to the highest standard.

Most toppers cut the tops and discharge them to the side however the tops may go round in the hood several times before being discharged, this causes mulching particularly in green crops resulting in staining. The Nicholson topper is unique because understanding this problem the topper was designed with chambers for the blades to throw the tops into as soon as they are cut, leaving a cleaner crop to harvest.

Accurate depth control is important, signals sent from the ground sensors are relayed through a PLC to allow for accurate settings, typically +/-8mm.

Heavy duty drives are used though out. The high tensile steel blades rotate at high speed, to protect the operator and the machine the drive is fitted with overrun and slip clutches.