Dirt Eliminating


View Tong’s extensive range of vegetable dirt eliminating equipment. From stone & clod separators, for efficient removal of debris and stones from crop, to star vegetable cleaners, ideal for removing stems from a wide range of root vegetables. Our vegetable dirt eliminating equipment works ideally with Tong’s wide range of vegetable sizing and handling machines, for a complete vegetable cleaning, sizing, and processing system.

Complete with the latest technology, Tong’s potato & vegetable dirt eliminating equipment will help to increase your crop handling efficiency, for effective dirt elimination and debris removal at capacities of up to 80 tons of crop per hour.

Tong’s market-leading EasyClean dirt eliminator provides unrivaled dirt eliminating results. With integrated intelligent controls and blue-invertor technology, you can have full control of your vegetable dirt eliminating processes, in all conditions, on all crop types.

  • Potato dirt eliminating
  • Carrot dirt eliminating
  • Onion dirt eliminating
  • Crop dirt eliminating