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Nicholson Machinery designs and manufactures onion field toppers, lifter/windrower, onion harvesters and onion top-tailers and it also designs and installs whole or part grading and handling lines.

If you are looking for parts for your Nicholson equipment, call us anytime.  We can get any Nicholson part that you need.  Including spiral shafts and rollers for your Nicholson Top Tailer.  

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Nicholson Machinery:

  • Onion Topper
  • Onion Lifter/Windrower
  • Onion Starlifter
  • Clipper (Bagger)
  • Box Loading Harvester for Onions
  • Top-Tailer (Onion Finish Topper)
  • Onion Packing Line
  • Paddock Cleaners
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