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Paper and Poly Bags

Modern Produce Equipment sells and supplies paper and poly bags from Coderre Packaging and Trium.

Let us have the opportunity to give you a quote on your current bags.  Our bags are guaranteed to be superior quality.

At Trium Packaging, we have all the high-tech equipment needed to carry out your innovative packaging projects. Spool bags (Wicket) roll printing (VFFS HFFS) as well as a full range of multi-perforated packaging products.  The capacities of our different presses make it possible to print both very thin and very thick packaging. This flexibility becomes a very big advantage for all our customers, whose needs are very varied.

Coderre Packaging Inc. is one of the largest paper bag manufacturers for the commercial, industrial and food-processing industries in North-America. Our products are delivered from coast to coast in America, and some of our production is also sold in Europe. Our experienced team is quick to adapt to market trends and developments. Let us manage your packaging projects. We guarantee you will become one of  our many satisfied customers.

Coderre Packaging offers customized products and services that are tailored to your needs. Our team’s expertise and creativity will help you to add a touch of creativity to your products, thereby enabling you to generate added values and stand out from your competitors.


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