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In Stock

Self Tip Skips –  2 ton models in stock

Tong Self Tip Skips are the ideal solution for collecting general waste & keeping your facility clean.  Suitable for use with forklifts, self tip skips make light work of collecting waste from packhouses, farm yards, grading lines, workshops and building sites.

  • Single lever action
  • Automatic tip & return
  • 1 and 2 ton models

Bins & Skips

Big Bag Bins – In Stock

With a holding capacity of 2600lbs and a simple manual handle for the ‘Bomb Door’ opening, once the bag is hooked onto the arms and the door is opened, the bin is lifted by its fork-lift tubes and the bag fills.  Tong’s Big Bag Bins are suitable for use with box fillers as an alternative to conventional boxes when bag filling is required.

  • Holding Capacity 2600lbs
  • ‘Bomb Door’ opening with manual handle
  • Fork-lift tubes & bag holding arms

Bins & Skips